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Illinois Life Insurance

The death of a loved one is never easy. However, having financial worries, including significant debts or ongoing financial responsibilities, can make a terrible situation worse. This is one of the reasons we encourage people to not only think about life insurance, but to act by ensuring they have a sufficient policy in place.

With life insurance, the insurer guarantees to pay a death benefit to a named person or persons when the insured individual dies. They do this in exchange for premiums paid by the insured.

Life insurance is not only for people of a certain age. Death is indiscriminate and a life insurance policy can provide some peace of mind for the holder and the named beneficiaries.

Young people would be well advised to invest in life insurance as soon as possible. They have an opportunity to lock in low rates. It can be an excellent idea for a young person without children or other dependents to start paying life insurance premiums so that they are protected in the future.

Having said that, there are certain times in life when we are more likely to reflect and update our policies or acquire new ones. We frequently hear from the following people in the following situations:

Parents with newborn or young, dependent children. The loss of a parent can cause great financial hardship to the surviving parent, not to mention the emotional turmoil. This is an excellent time to consider life insurance to ensure that each parent would be able to support their child or children without the financial assistance of the other.

People who have jointly owned property. The death of one person in a partnership could result in the other being unable to pay necessary fees associated with a property, such as loan payments or taxes. Life insurance can offer peace of mind with the promise of a payout that would help the surviving partner continue living in the home.

Parents who wish to leave money to adult children. A life insurance policy is sometimes used as a way to provide money for the next generation when they will need it most.

People with significant outstanding debts. This includes young adults with student loan debts who do not wish to burden others financially after their death.

Those who wish to help family members with the cost of their funeral expenses. Funerals are expensive. Many life insurance policyholders sleep more peacefully knowing that they can relieve the financial pressure on loved ones in the event of their death.

New Grandparents. Looking for the perfect gift for your new grandchild? What about a gift that will be with them the rest of their life! We have an amazing product at the Ryan Braden Agency that offers a 20 year paid up. With this policy, after 20 years, they do not have to pay anymore and the policy is in effect for the rest of their lives. They can even increases the face amount with no medical exams till age 35.

This is just an example of some of the people who contact us about their life insurance. It’s by no means an exclusive list. Whatever your reason for thinking about life insurance, it’s good practice to do so regularly.

When Should You Purchase Life Insurance?

When is the right time to invest in life insurance? If you don't already have life insurance, you should seriously think about talking to an insurance agent immediately. Before you get in touch, here are some things to know about life insurance:

• To guarantee a life insurance payment to your beneficiary or beneficiaries, your application for life insurance must be honest and you must disclose past or current health issues. You must also tell your insurer about any high-risk activities in which you participate.

• Most life insurance policies require the insurance to pay premiums regularly over time. However, some people pay a single premium upfront.

• Two main types of life insurance policies exist. Permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Permanent life insurance stays active until the insured person dies, stops paying, or ends the contract. Term life insurance expires after a given number of years.

At the Ryan Braden Insurance Agency, we can tailor a life insurance policy to suit different circumstances and preferences. Three of the most common types of life insurance are whole life insurance, term life insurance, and index insurance.

Whole Life

A whole life insurance policy is a kind of permanent life insurance, which means it will last for the lifetime of the holder and, as well as providing a payout on the death of the insured, there is an accumulation of cash. If you have whole life insurance, you can access or invest this savings component during your lifetime.

Term Life

This kind of life insurance expires after a specified number of years. As the policyholder, you can decide how long the policy will last. Usually, this is ten, 20, or 30 years. At the end of the term, you can renew the policy for another term or convert it into permanent life insurance. Alternatively, you can end the contract.

Unlike a whole life insurance policy, term life policies have no cash value. They only offer a payout on the death of the policyholder.

Indexed Life

With this insurance, you can earn a return on the cash value of the life insurance. The cash value will either be fixed or at an equity-indexed rate of return.

Two of the advantages of this type of policy are flexibility, and the offer of gains tax-free. On the downside, you can expect a cap on the return, and you won't know how much you will earn.

We are Here to Help

For more information about life insurance and for a life insurance policy that suits you and your circumstances, <a href="">contact the</a> Ryan Braden Insurance Agency today. We are here to look out for you and your future with tailored insurance that matches your needs.

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